ECHO® International Agriculture Conference

Friday November 16, 2018

Every year ECHO offers an additional opportunity for our delegates to continue learning through our Post-Conference Workshop. For an additional $50 charge you can choose between two options for your post-conference workshop, or you can choose to independently study in our library for $25.

The Workshop and study options begin at 8:30 am and end at 2:30 in the afternoon. Lunch and transportation are provided for attendees.

You can register for Post Conference Workshop and Independent Library Study through the registration form.

Post-Conference Workshop Options:

An Introduction and Survey of Home Gardens for Food Security

Presented by Rick Burnette of Cultivate Abundance and Josh Jamison of HEART

The daylong workshop will be an introduction to home gardens as a means of providing increased household food security. This workshop will cover home gardens’ role in agriculture, show innovative options for establishing gardens, and conclude with site visits of home gardens near ECHO’s South Florida campus.

Rick, the Co-director of Cultivate Abundance, has over 20 years working in international agriculture specifically in the issue of increasing food security of small-scale farmers. Cultivate Abundance is a ministry working with migrant workers in the community of Immokalee, Florida on issues of food security.

Josh, the Agriculture Manager of HEART, is a former HEART student who has been involved with the program since 2010. He passionate about finding plants that will grow well in his locale. HEART is a training center in Lake Wales, Florida which prepares students interested in Missions work.

Seed Saving of Open-pollinated Vegetables

Presented by Mike Mueller of Hope Seeds

This daylong workshop will focus on selecting seeds from open-pollinated vegetables using tomatoes as an example. The workshop participants will learn how to evaluate seeds to save, including consumer demand and expectations. Seed preparation will also be covered including fruit selection, pulping, seed fermentation, and drying. Storage methods appropriate for limited resource context will be discussed along with local markets and pricing.

Mike, the Founder of Hope Seeds, is involved in the selection and development of vegetable varieties, specializing in tomato, pepper, squash, melon, cabbage, eggplant, and luffa/gourds. Since the founding of Hope Seeds in 1999 10 million packets of seed have been shipped to 61 different nations via 400+ ministries and agricultural workers.

Independent Library Study

If you are interested in spending more time researching in our Technical Library, please select this option during registration. Participants in this program will have access to all the Library's resources and will have lunch provided.