Former CEO, ECHO

About Martin

With a PhD. in Biochemistry, having conducted post-doctoral research in agriculture and taught at Geneva College, Martin Price established ECHO in 1981. During 27 years of leadership at ECHO (25 as CEO), Dr. Price shaped ECHO’s ministry and initiated the information sharing efforts along with the seed bank, farm experimentation, conferences, training and networking that characterizes ECHO’s global efforts.


Thoughts on how to explain ECHO’s growth and global impact – Ideas that may apply to your organization!
Tuesday, November 13 Main Ballroom - Crowne Plaza Hotel

In 1981 ECHO International started with two employees and some volunteers on 5 acres we didn’t own. Today our 55-acre campus in Florida (no debt) has expanded into a global network, including Regional Training Centers serving Latin America & the Caribbean, West Africa, East Africa, and Asia. There are almost 80 paid employees plus hundreds of regional volunteers here and world-wide. Conferences and workshops take place regularly at the US hub and in each impact region.

My talk will emphasize some key factors that contributed to ECHO’s vision and subsequent growth. Most likely some in our audience are thinking of starting or growing an organization or seeking to becoming more effective. Some of these may be helpful in your personal and corporate growth.


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Tuesday, November 13 ECHO Global Farm

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