Founder, Hope Seeds

About Mike

Mike and Jean Mueller founded Hope Seeds in 1999, and have shipped over 10 million packets of seed to 61 nations via over 400 ministries and agricultural workers. The majority of what they ship are open-pollinated vegetable varieties which are purchased from reputable seed production companies, and are varieties which have proven history of production and reliable performance. Also, the selection and development of vegetable varieties has been a part of Mike’s professional work working among multi-international seed companies and a number of smaller family held companies for the past 40 years.

For the efforts of Hope Seeds, he chooses varieties which show traits of helping persons in developing nations produce more quality product, searching among his many contacts for samples to trial and test. Over the years Mike has made selections of many varieties in 7 species (tomato, pepper, squash, melon, cabbage, eggplant, and luffa/gourds) and has introduced a number to the world market, all in the public domain.


Seed2Save – an ‘old school’ approach to vegetable seed development.
Thursday, November 15 Main Ballroom - Crowne Plaza Hotel

To empower persons working among the rural farmers and gardeners in developing nations, one limiting factor which is often evident is the availability of affordable quality seed of varieties well suited to the climate and culture. Seed2Save is Mike’s approach to make selections of open-pollinated varieties within target species, and then making stock seed available to others who will also make their own selection. Mike will share his strategies and methods of ‘random mass selection’ and ‘unique traits selections’ which are critical toward varietal improvements and future seed.


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Thursday, November 15 ECHO Global Farm

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