Vice-Chair, A Rocha USA

About Ben

Ben Lowe grew up as a missionary kid in Southeast Asia, where he experienced firsthand the impacts of poverty and pollution. A graduate of Wheaton College, Ben works with a number of creation care organizations and is the author of Green Revolution (Intervarsity Press), Doing Good Without Giving Up (Intervarsity Press), and The Future of Our Faith (Brazos; co-authored with Ron Sider). He is ordained in the Christian Missionary Alliance and is currently a doctoral candidate in tropical conservation and development at the University of Florida.


Reconciling Conservation and Development in a Changing World
Tuesday, November 19 Main Ballroom - Crowne Plaza Hotel

Many of the most vulnerable human communities around the world are located in some of the most vulnerable or degraded ecosystems. As the impacts of climate and environmental change continue to grow, how can we flourish together on God’s earth without further harming each other or the rest of creation? This is a defining challenge facing the world today. It is also directly relevant to the church and our work in international development. This session will explore why we cannot ignore climate and environmental problems, and how Christian groups around the world are faithfully addressing these growing challenges.


Meet the Speaker
Tuesday, November 19 ECHO Global Farm

This session is devoted to questions and answers from Conference delegates for each speaker.