Senior Advisor on the Program Resource Team, World Relief

About Debbie

Deborah Dortzbach is a nurse specialist in international public health and child health with extensive experience in community-based health assessment, program design, implementation, training, advocacy, and media and material development. She has a BSN from Columbia University and both an MN and MPH from Emory University. She presently holds the position of Senior Advisor on the Program Resource Team in World Relief in Baltimore, MD where she pioneered the couple and family strengthening program known as Families for Life. She also is an adjunct professor in the Department of Economics and Community Development at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Together with her husband she has been with Mission to the World of the Presbyterian Church in America since 1980. She has more than thirty years of experience in rural and community development in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean and resided 24 years in Kenya and one year in Eritrea. In addition to numerous papers and presentations she co-authored four books, The AIDS Crisis: What We Can Do ( Intervarsity Press), The Mother Child Project (Zondervan), Integrating Faith and Healthcare: Shalom and the Mission Health Movement (William Carey Library), and Kidnapped, (Harper and Rowe, chronicling her experiences as an early missionary in 1974). Debbie lives in Baltimore. Maryland where she is deeply nurtured through her family and church, Faith Christian Fellowship. In addition to her husband, Karl, she has three children and ten grandchildren.


Growing Families that Flourish in God’s Kingdom
Thursday, November 21 Main Ballroom - Crowne Plaza Hotel

As couples work to enrich their relationship as God designed, the entire family will flourish. This session will describe the opportunity churches and communities have to strengthen couple relationships within families, promote a sustainable earth, and help families promote family nutrition and economic growth. Current concerns of gender-based violence, HIV, undernutrition, poor family planning uptake, and a limited understanding of the value of women and girls have direct influence on food security and family nutrition for generations. Effective approaches with potential for scale will be described.


Meet the Speaker
Thursday, November 20 ECHO Global Farm

This session is devoted to questions and answers from Conference delegates for each speaker.