Assistant Director, Feed the Future Peanut Innovation Lab

About Jamie

Jamie Rhoads is the Assistant Director of the Feed the Future Peanut Innovation Lab at the University of Georgia. The lab coordinates research collaboration between the US and developing country research partners, primarily in Africa, with a focus on variety development, value added gains, nutrition and gender/youth. Prior to this position, Jamie worked as a value chain consultant and agriculture development professional, primarily in Haiti with Meds & Food for Kids, a non-profit producer of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF). His focus there was on improving the peanut value chain to supply raw materials to the factory, particularly related to the control of aflatoxin contamination. His research and professional experience has been on variety and input evaluation, agricultural mechanization and processing, food safety, and socioeconomic evaluations. Prior to focusing on peanuts, he worked with the reforestation project CODEP, located near Leogane, Haiti and continues to serve on their board. He holds an MS in Natural Resources from Cornell University and a BA in Anthropology and Sustainable Development from Appalachian State University.


Peanuts and aflatoxin: The potential and challenges for the world’s most widely grown legume
Thursday, November 21 Main Ballroom - Crowne Plaza Hotel

Peanut is the most widely grown legume in the world and has numerous nutritional, environmental and economic benefits. However, there are several challenges to increase productivity and control the potential of contamination from aflatoxin, a highly carcinogenic by-product of a common soil fungus. He will review the problem and then discuss practical research findings and a few case studies related to controlling the problem.


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Thursday, November 21 ECHO Global Farm

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