Founder and Executive Director, Aloha House

About Keith

Keith O. Mikkelson is the Founder and Executive Director of Aloha House Inc., a non-profit charitable mission organization serving the community of Palawan and the nation of the Philippines. Aloha House is an orphanage located on an organic farm that produces food for the children, staff, and customers in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The farm utilizes a systems approach for producing food while learning from nature. Keith’s book A Natural Farming System for Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics has sold over 5,000 copies. He has also authored Animal Integration and Feeding Strategies for the Tropical Smallholder Farm: Approaches and Methods for Increasing Sustainability and Profitability. Both books are available on ECHOcommunity as free downloads in English and Spanish. Learn more about Aloha House on their Facebook page [] or website [] today!  Keith and his wife, Narcy, are long time friends of ECHO and have been part of the ECHOcommunity network for many years.

Keith’s plenary presentation is entitled Innovations in Natural Farming — Learnings from Aloha House in the Philippines.  He will also facilitate a one day post-conference workshop at the ECHO Global Farm on November 10.  The workshop will include the Science, Rumors, and Improvements connected to Innovations in Natural Farming along with a hands-on section covering Korean Natural Farming (KNF), JADAM, and KADAM.  Look for additional details and instructions for this event when you register for the Conference.