Farmer, homesteader, author, and teacher, Foundations For Farming

About Noah Sanders

Noah Sanders is a farmer, homesteader, and author in Goodwater, Alabama. He is a passionate follower of Jesus who desires to know Him more and make disciples through his daily life. Together with his wife, Dorothy, and six children, Noah has run a small farming operation producing vegetables and poultry products using all-natural techniques based on the design of God in Creation. They homestead and raise much of their own food.

Noah is the author of Born-Again Dirt, Farming to the Glory of God. In this book he attempts to encourage Christians to think about agriculture from a biblical worldview. He is also involved with Foundations for Farming, a ministry based out of Zimbabwe, Africa, that uses agriculture to make disciples of Jesus and bring hope to the poor. As the US Representative for Foundations for Farming, Noah uses his farm as a place to train Christians in agriculture that starts with a heart for Jesus. He has also put on several “Redeeming the Dirt” conferences that included speakers like Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, Chuck Bentley of Crown Financial Ministries, and Brian Oldreive of Foundations for Farming.

Noah desires to see the church equipped to be leaders in faithful stewardship of the land. He believes that agriculture can be a great tool to help make disciples and display the Glory of God to those around us. It is his prayer that God will raise up a generation of ‘born-again’ farmers whose excellence in producing food will enable them to bring hope to the hopeless and introduce people to the author of life Himself.

Faith, Farming, and the Future of Food

How can the church practically connect faith and farming? What does gardening have to do with the gospel? Can agriculture be a natural means of making disciples of Jesus? In this talk Noah Sanders will reflect on his journey to live for Jesus, excel in sustainable agriculture, and make disciples.